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Monday, October 24, 2011

Home-made Red Plexiglas Silver Tank

As I am moving up to 8x10 I have to upscale a lot of my equipment, including my silver tank. I had built my first tank out of red Plexiglas and decided I would do the same. The tank looks great and the red Plexiglas filters out some of the light that could fog my plates. 

Here is a picture of my old silver tank:

It has worked great and I have loved it, but I wanted to change the stand. When I had the Plexiglas cut last year, the two triangles of the stand cost me as much as all the other pieces. Also I wanted a tank with a smaller footprint for transport. I like the design of Lund Photographics ‘ traveling tanks and decided to emulate their stand.

Here is the plan I used to get the Plexiglas cut:
Here are all the pieces:

I just needed to assemble them.

Half of the tank gluing.
I inserted the stand hardware before gluing the top of the tank.
Tank of the left and cover on the right.
I made the stand out of aluminum: 1/8” thick and ¾” wide. It was easy enough to drill through and to bend into shape:

 Here is the finished product:
Eventually I will put a rubber gasket in the lid and install latches to make it waterproof and allow the transport of silver nitrate in the tank itself.



    Does the tank leak by the pivot point of the stand?


  2. Hi,
    The tank doesn't leak at the pivot point thanks to the rubber grommet. However you have to be really careful with all the seams, it is very easy to have a leak where the different plexiglass pieces meet.